Thursday, June 08, 2006

Joe Junior Meets the Monkeys #2

Joe, struggling hard to keep the monkeys from carrying him to there ceremonial grounds, was doing no good. Since he was tired after landing the plane. While he was being carried, he could hear many more monkeys coming closer and closer to him because of the frightful chanting. When Joe finally reaches the grounds where there he could see many monkeys chanting, and dancing, he could tell these monkeys were unlike the ones you would find at the zoo.

When they reach the ceremonial grounds, the monkeys placed Joe onto a king like chair made of stone. Then all of the monkeys begin to bow and praise him. This was unlike anything Joe could ever imagine. Then one monkey offered him a coconut to drink out of for refreshment. After thinking about this, Joe decided that it would bee rude not to accept, so he took it. After he drank the coconut, the monkey’s showed him and old dusty globe and an old torn picture of a plane. Joe realized that this must be some kind of communication. A demonstration from the monkeys was displayed, of what actually they wanted. They did this by moving the old picture of the plane to what was present day Brazil on the globe. Joe quickly caught on. He realized that the monkeys wanted to go to Brazil from the plane that he just landed, so he just nodded his head as if he understood. The Monkeys began to party once again for a short time.

Joe was relieved to know that the monkeys did not want to harm him, so they made there way back to the plane he landed. The passengers were much relieved, when Joe finally arrived at the plane. Although many of the passengers were surprised to see a trail of monkeys following Joe into the plane as well. After he explained what he believed the monkeys wanted, the passengers could do nothing but agree, that they had to go to Brazil to help the monkeys, because after all Joe did save there lives.

Due to the great landing of the plane, and the pilots were well rested so they could now continue on their journey to Brazil and then back to there original destination of Canada.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Story #1

Joe Junior has just left the airport and is on his way to Canada in a mid sized jet. The flight was going along fine until one of the engines began to stall and pour out black smoke. Soon the entire Cabin began to fill up with toxic smoke and the plane began to descend rapidly. Many people began to collapse, including the pilot. Thanks to Joes smarts, he pour a soda that he was previously enjoying all over his hanker chief to prevent him self from collapsing. Holding up the hanker chief to his mouth he made his way over the bodies to the cockpit. After playing hours of video games Joe Junior knew he would be able to fly this plane as well as any other man could. So he took the controls and landed the plane to safety on a small uncharted island. Joe then helped the passengers and the crew to awaken, then he went out to explore the island for food. All of sudden Joe runs into a ban of monkeys. They then take him to an unkown place.

Stay Tuned for Part 2